9th FORSTAT Workshop
Kraków, Poland
September 13th - 15th 2016

Forensic Evidence Evaluation
Problems and Applications
Forstat 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The nineth annual ENFSI FORSTAT workshop on forensic evidence and evaluation will be held in Kraków in September 2016, from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th September.

The intention of the series of FORSTAT workshops is to train forensic scientists in the statistical evaluation of evidence. During the meetings ideas concerning the application of statistical methods in the forensic field and how the methods work in practice will be presented. Participants are not expected to have much prior statistical knowledge. The level of the presentations is aimed at those who are forensic experts but may be beginners in statistics.

The meeting in 2016 will have several topics scheduled to enable people who are not able to come to the whole workshop still to benefit from a partial attendance. The provisional programme includes:
• Chemometric methods in forensic science,
• Data analysis, including multivariate analysis (data for which more than one characteristic is measured on each member of the dataset),
• Inference at an activity level and Bayesian networks.

Lecturers will include Colin Aitken from the University of Edinburgh, David Lucy from the University of Lancaster, Tereza Neocleous from the University of Glasgow and Grzegorz Zadora from the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow as well as Agnieszka Martyna of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow and the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow.

The programme will involve both lectures and practical exercises. Participants will be asked to bring a laptop with them. We will want participants to be able to load specialist open-source software on to their laptop for use with the practical exercises. Those with laptops provided by work should check in advance that this is permissible.

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at the workshop.

A number of participants is limited to 20 persons.

Colin Aitken, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Grzegorz Zadora, Institute of Forensic Research, Krakow, Poland

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