Meeting of European Network
of Forensic Handwriting Experts

Kraków, October 8th-10th, 2009
14th European Conference on Psychology and Law
HANDWRITING EVIDENCE AND CRIME - the past, the present and the future

In this conference we demonstrate how useful handwriting evidence can still be when solving crimes and look to the future in a world now dominated by digital technology.
Handwriting and signatures have been used for many years to solve numerous different types of crime , for example :

. Fraud and forgery (cheques, credit cards)
. Threatening anonymous letters
. Blackmail and kidnapping (ransom notes)
. Money laundering (false identities)
. Importation and Supply of controlled drugs (dealer lists)
. Internal police investigations
. Counter-terrorism
. Murder and suicide (letters from suspects, suicide notes, diaries)
. Rape (letters and diaries)
. Stolen goods and arson
. Civil litigation (wills, agreement and contracts)

Handwriting plays its part in nearly every criminal investigation, whether that is the identification or elimination of a person or the linking of documents together to establish a common source.

Presentations will be focussed on actual case examples to provide you with real -life experiences in your day to day work.

In addition , we will have discussions and present workshops to you on how handwriting helps to solve crimes now and in the future. Do you have something to contribute to the conference ? Would you like to present research at the meeting ? If so ENFHEX would be pleased to hear from you.

Please get in touch with the organiser using the email address below :



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